At the June mixer at the Municipal Pool, we handed out bookmarks to invite women to begin a new chapter in their lives by joining the Club. At our table, Dorothy Verdone, Pat Bernius, Tina Pellicciari and Janet Klein welcomed newcomers with flyers and application blanks.

Katie Parker, Janet Klein, Lana Roytshteyn, Tina Pellicciari and Pat Bernius served cups of strawberry shortcake to raise funds at the June Strawberry Festival. Eileen Lobaugh, Betty Green, Julliet Borgersen and Margaret Wellman also helped, and Linda Korsen sold Flower Power Crafts. Thanks to the support of the Farmers’ Market, the Club raised hundreds of dollars to contribute to local charities.

Dorothy and Joe Verdone represented the Club at this year’s Memorial Day ceremony, which was held in Ramsey High School because of the possibility of inclement weather. Every Memorial Day, the Club sends a wreath to be placed at Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Veterans Park to commemorate our fallen military heroes.

Customers lined up early at the Club’s 21st annual Heirloom Tomato & Veggie Plant Sale on May 18 in the parking lot of the Masonic Lodge.

Tina Pellicciari, in yellow, was first to arrive at the pre-order table and was joined by, from left, Betty Green, Janet Klein, Elaine Muzzillo, Pat Bernius, Julliet Borgersen and Lana Roytshteyn. Lana had put up signs throughout Ramsey and worked hard all day to ensure the success of the sale. Rose Ippolito brought coffee and donuts to fortify the others who pitched in Fran Mahon, Bette Moore, Marjorie Detweiler, Mia Howard, Eileen Lobaugh, and Linda Korsen, who sold plant markers to raise extra funds.

At the May installation luncheon, Ramapo District Vice President Tina Ree, right, presented the five members of the newly elected Governing Committee with colorful scarves to symbolize the ties that unite members of the Club. Accepting the honor are, from left, Linda Korsen, Janet Klein, Pat Bernius, Dorothy Verdone and Tina Pellicciari.

At the Club table at the April District Council and Achievement Day event at Portobello Banquets in Oakland were, from left, Lana Roytshteyn, Fran Mahon, Pat Bernius, Tina Pellicciari, Betty Green, Rose Ippolito,  Margaret Wellman, and Linda Korsen, who took the photo.  Rose reported on the year’s fundraising events, Lana received a gold ribbon for her soap flower party favor, and Linda took home a gold ribbon for a paper flower shadowbox and a blue ribbon for a watercolor.