Get your copy of “What’s What In Ramsey” today!

Woman’s Club of Ramsey celebrates more than 100 years of service with a new 48-page booklet packed with information!

To order your copy, send your name, address and $6 to:

Woman’s Club of Ramsey 17 Hopper Terrace, Ramsey NJ 07446

What Borough Official To Contact What Sports To Play What To Cook Tonight What Organizations To Join What Phone Numbers to Call For Help What Food To Keep If The Power Goes Out What To Do If A Credit Card Is Lost What To Substitute In A Recipe What Will Remove Stains What Place Of Worship To Visit What School Is Closest What Household Tips Are Best

Mayor Deidre Dillon accepts a copy of “What’s What In Ramsey” from Marjorie Detweiler.

More than 100 of our favorite recipes

More than 100 household tips and tricks

More than 100 useful phone numbers for town officials and organizations